Fundraising Campaign

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Our new Fundraising Campaign solution is one of the fastest ways to raise money online!  with the added benefit of providing an incentive to donate money as your customer receives merchandise from a limited run of products in return for their donation.

There are no setup fees, no subscription fees and no penalties if your store does not meet its target.  Our fundraising campaigns designed to benefit your charity or project so they are completely RISK FREE.  

Click here to share your story and start raising money in less than 5 minutes!

How it works

Design and Launch 
Select your product, add your design, set your target and launch your campaign

Promote & Sell
Start to spread the word with your friends, workplace and social media.  You could even shout it from the rooftop.  We bank your orders in our system until you have reached your target.

Activation and Production 
Congrats you reached your target!  Now sit back and relax while we print and ship your orders.

Receive the Profits
We transfer you 100% of the profits made on your campaign.  It’s time to sing the jingle; Celebrate good times common!

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