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Direct to Garment / DTG

Direct to Garment, or DTG printing is the process where a printer applies a specially formulated water-based ink in directly onto the garment, using inkjet technology.  Think of a paper printer, only bigger. 

The garment absorbs the inks into the fibres, creating a softer feel to the traditional method of screen printing.  All custom t-shirt orders placed through our online store, are digitally printed (unless you select from on of our bulk printing options).  

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Screen Printing

Screen printing goes way back, like way back to 1907. The essential idea of screen printing is that a screen is created to stop the ink from being applied to the whole print area.  We do this by cutting out your design from the screen, which only allows the ink to push through this area.  There’s a whole lot of technical stuff that goes on to do this but we’re keeping it simple. Perfect for custom t-shirt designs that need to be a bit more durable, thicker fabrics, or for when you’re ordering BIG – it’s an economical option for large orders.

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Embroidery is the ornamentation of fabric using a needle and thread.  Once upon a time embroidery was done with a human hand attached to the needle and thread, but these days we have these nifty big machines that do a lot of the work for us at a much faster pace.  Embroidery is the most common print method for workwear, trade wear and corporate uniforms as it has a clean and professional finish. It’s a great option when you need your custom t-shirt to go the distance as it’s the most long lasting print method. 

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Supacolour and Supasub

Supacolour is the latest technology in digital reproduction of logos. It is a proprietary technology applied in-house that is exclusive to Epicentre, and in just 5 days from artwork approval to despatch it is very fast. It can reproduce logos perfectly without a need to compromise.

Supasub is a proprietary technology done in-house that is perfect for when the detail in a logo can’t be reproduced with embroidery but you still want the look of embroidery.  Supasub is perfect for products where Supacolour isn’t viable like beanies and scarves.

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Sell Your Own Custom T-Shirts

Have you got an amazing tshirt idea that you know is going to explode but just spent your last $12 on a Big Mac meal?  We feel ya buddy, and don’t worry we’re here to help!  

Our affiliate store or ‘print on demand’ program allows you to start your own shop for FREE!  No subscription fees, no setup fees, no cancellation fees.  The new template we’ve created is super easy to use, and will have your friends thinking you’re a professional graphic designer and a coder to boot.  It’s a great way to start your new business venture without any risk at all.  Once your store is setup, we look after the printing and shipping of your custom t-shirt orders.

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Onsite Printing

We now offer on-site printing for your next event. Uh, what now? You heard…we can bring our mobile printing booth to your next event and print your sweet as custom t-shirts, on the spot.  So your guests can choose their preferred size, colour – you name it! That way, at least they’re guaranteed to actually wear it, which is kind of the point, right? And you’re not left holding a load of stock that you can’t shift after the event.

Whether you’re in it to make money or just want to get your business name out there, on-site printing is where it’s AT, my friend. 

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