Direct to Garment

What is digital tshirt printing?

Direct to Garment, or DTG printing is the process where a printer applies a specially formulated water-based ink in directly onto the garment, using inkjet technology.  Think of a paper printer, only bigger.

The garment absorbs the inks into the fibers, creating a softer feel to the traditional method of screen printing.  All tshirt orders placed through our online store, are digitally printed (unless you select from on of our bulk printing options).  

Our machines can print in full colour using CMYKW.  

Digital printing is a great option for those working with a small budget, as there are no minimums.

Direct to garment printing process

Step 1:
We pick your stock and allocate to our production queue as per the date of your order and the shipping method selected (rush orders are given priority in the queue).  


Step 2:
Once your order has reached the machines, the team will need to pre treat any coloured garments.  Pre treatment is required so that the white ink has something to stick to.  Think of pre treatment has a glue for the white ink.  Once the garment is pre treated, we have to heat press it to dry it off before printing (and also flatten the fibres).  
**Pre treatment can leave a mark on your garment once the garment has been heat pressed.  This should come off in your first wash.  

Step 3:
Once your garment is pre treated, it goes onto one of our high tech Dtg machines.  The operator will upload your artwork to our printing software.  If you have requested background removal in the notes of your order, the operator will remove the background at this point.  They then select the best print setting for your artwork, and press the big green print button (it’s literally a big green button).  

Step 4:
Your garment is printed and ready for curing!  We cure with our state of the art Adelco Tunnel Dryer (it’s essentially an oven with a conveyor belt).  The shirt will sit in this bad boy for nearly 4 minutes at a crazy hot temp (but not too crazy hot we don’t want to burn your shirt) to cure the ink.

Step 5
Your shirt pops out of the oven and into our dispatch area.  Our dispatch team then fold, package and select a courier based on your address.  We use multiple couriers as we find they ship at different speeds to different states, and we want to get your shirt to you asap.


So there you have it, DTG printing in 5 easy steps.

file types for direct to garment

Our design tool accepts jpegs, pngs, eps, gif and tif files.  You want to make sure your file is at least 300dpi with transparency at the desired print size for the best possible print result. 

To save your print ready images in Photoshop or Paint, go to File > Save As > PNG. In Illustrator or Draw, you must export your image, go to File > Export > PNG.

If this all sounds like gibberish, then here is a really simple way of checking your artwork. 

Open your print file on your computer screen.  Grow it to roughly the size you would like it printed.  If your image is looking a bit blurry or pixelated, this is how it is going to print.  If you are happy with this, fab!  Go ahead and upload your design.  

If you were wanting it to look a little crisper, we recommend finding another file. 

Did you find your image on the Googles? Here is a tip to ensure the image is large enough for printing.  

  1.  Search for your desired image in google 
  2.  Click on the ‘images’ tab 
  3.  Underneath the google search bar, click the ‘Tools’ button 
  4.  Click on the size dropdown > Larger Than > 1024 x 768

This filter will only show images large enough for us to print.  You’re welcome.  


No minimums,
we can print one
at a time
Full colour photographic
Minimal upfront investment
print multiple
designs one
at a time 


Not cost
effective for larger orders 
Limited design placement
Limited garment selectioN
Print finish not as vibrant as screen printing 
Unable to
colour match 
print life then other methods 

Direct to garment printing examples

Direct to garment FAQS

How quickly can you produce digitally printed t-shirts?
Our standard turn around time is 7-10 business days with flat rate shipping of just $9.95 no matter the size of your order.  We also have some kick arse rush order options for those that are in a tshirt pickle.  Like, we can even print for you the same day.  Wowsers! 

You can view all our shipping options via our shipping page.

Do you print on coloured/black garments?
Yes we sure do!  Scroll up to our DTG printing steps silly we spoke about this earlier.

What kinds of images are best for digital printing t-shirts?
De ja vu!  Did ya read our carefully thought out printing info?  There’s a lot to talk about here, but essentially the higher the resolution of your image the better your print result is going to be.  Our machines are the best in the biz, and so are we…but we can only print as good as the image we are given. 

Is the cost of the print included in the jumper cost online or is it separate? 
All our pricing includes a print in one position.  If you start adding in more prints, then you will see the price update live.  

Does it cost more for the more colours in the print?
Nope, we print in full colour photographic quality baby. 


If you have anymore questions about DTG printing or our other services, check out our FAQ page or give us a call at 07 3846 1008 to speak with one of our Tshirt Guru’s.  

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