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Take your next event to the next level.

Blow your customers’ minds with personalised
on-site printing.

Ever been to a corporate event and been given a promotional t-shirt only to discover it’s 80,000 times too big? Or even worse, waaaaaay too small (‘I’ll start that diet on Monday’). 

Enter the Tshirt Mill.

We now offer on-site printing for your next event. Uh, what now? You heard…we can bring our mobile printing booth to your next event and print your merch, on the spot.  So your guests can choose their preferred size, colour – you name it! That way, at least they’re guaranteed to actually wear it, which is kind of the point, right? 

Whether you’re in it to make money or just want to get your business name out there, on-site printing is where it’s AT, my friend. 

Here are 11 reasons why on-site printing is ace for your business:

We bring the stock, and the fun

Print orders on-site as ordered by your guests

Choose from a range of garments, colours and other products 

Customisation of products on the day!  

No left over stock (#winning) 

No guesswork 

No stress

Corporate events, sporting events, all the other kinds of events

Friendly staff

Easy fundraising 

Offer your event a point of difference that peeps will talk  about 

here's some of our recent onsite activations

With these awesome clients: Sunsuper, HBF, General Pants, Bowlarama, Splendour in the Grass

You had me at 'we bring the fun', so what now?

Just give us a call and we’ll assign you a sales agent who you’ll liaise with about errrrything on-site printing related. Your sales agent will even be there on the day of your event to help with the operation of your booth and may even bring you pastries and caffeine to soothe your ‘god, I hope my boss likes this event’ day nerves.

tshirts are cool and all, but what if i want to print on something else?

We thought you'd never ask; here's a list we prepared earlier of all the things we can print on.

tanks and 
duffels and 
eco bags
truckers and
all kinds of
coffee mugs
in all shapes
and sizes
android and
tablet covers
Beer stiens,
water bottles
and glasses

Plus plenty more... basically if it can be printed on, we'll do it.

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