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Graphic Design trends to get those creative juices FLOWIN'

For most, the hardest part of creative design is the idea generation. Once you get past that roadblock, the designs just keep on'a comin!

To make it easier for you, the guys at Creative Market, have come up with a cool infographic showcasing the graphic design trends of 2016.

Once that lightbulb in your head is burning bright, head to our DYO competition and get your great ideas onto a tee!

R.I.P - The vintage band tshirt

Band tees were once a staple item for the cool cats of fashion. Think Dave Grohl rocking the Motorhead tee, or even MTV's Butthead in his iconic ACDC tee.

Band tshirts once represented your love for music. Going to the gig and buying the merch, trawling Ebay for ones you missed out on, or visiting your local record store when they got a fresh batch in.

These days, the fashion giants of H&M, among others, are stocking your old favourite band tees. It seems everyone is rocking band tees, seeing it quickly lose it's appeal amongst the effortlessly cool fashionistas.

Lifestyle website, High Snobiety has written a great piece on it here

Corporate Tees: Turn Your Team Into A Cohesive Tribe

Never underestimate the power of the humble tshirt. That little bundle of fabric can transform your team into a unified, cohesive unit. How? Well, it’s actually got a lot to do with how a common appearance creates a sense of pride. Suddenly, it’s physically obvious that you’re all on the same team and BAM! you’re sharing group hugs and high-fives like it’s nobody’s business.

Look at the State of Origin teams – some of those guys play together on the same team at club level, they’re mates. But the minute they don that maroon or blue jersey, all best are well and truly off. That’s how powerful a shared uniform can be – you’re all in it together (literally).

Now when we talk about corporate uniforms, we’re not talking button-up business shirts (obviously, we’re a t-shirt company!). But that’s alright, because you know what? All the coolest kids have tshirts for uniforms – think Apple, Evernote, Google, Foursquare, Halfbrick and Merlo Coffee. So you’re in really, really good, er, comp…