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AS Colour: Our Brand of Choice

AS Colour: Our Brand of Choice We don’t choose our partners lightly. We’re not into speed dating. We’re into that in-depth personality profiling stuff that makes sure you’re perfectly aligned with a potential suitor. And THAT is precisely how we discovered that AS Colour were ‘the one’.
You see, like us, they’re all about the quality – all the very best custom shirts start with an AS Colour blank tee. Their supplier’s production facilities have been rated among the best in the industry. And they’re tech geeks too – they’ve always got one bespectacled eye on technical advancements in the textile industry so they can figure out how to use it to their (and your) advantage. Can you see why we fell for them?!

A brand that masters the art of basics You know what’s almost as important as the design when creating custom shirts? Making sure the cut is just right. Never fear people - AS Colour have perfected a range of basic tees that make you look at least 25% hotter than you actually are. …

T-shirt Designs - Crash Course

Sooooo, you want to design your own tshirt? Well, luckily we’re here to give you a crash course in the fine art of designer tshirts. Think of us as Mr. Miyagi. You, the Karate Kid. With a few expert tips from us, you’ll be a kick arse tshirt designer faster than you can say ‘how freaking cool was it when Miyagi caught those flies with the chopsticks?!’

IMAGE SIZE AND QUALITY Image choice is key when you design your own shirt. Duh! So, we’re really flexible when it comes to images – you can use a single image or multiple and, you can use a stock image or one of your own. When choosing your picture, remember high def is best. Not sure, if your image has got the goods? No worries, we’ve designed a quality meter to help you.

Our online tshirt designer handles a range of different image types including JPG, PNG, GIF and TIF. OMG, that’s kind of R.A.D.

COLOUR CLASH Quick quiz: should pink and green ever been seen? If you said ‘no’, congrats - you’re qualified to design your own tshirt! If …