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“ I have been working with the team at The Tshirt Mill for over 3 years now, They’re unbelievably good at what they do and I’d recommend them to anyone needing a project done big or small. Incredibly easy to work, highly experienced and knowledgable on anything and everything about printing plus they’re all the nicest people you’ll ever meet!”
‘I started my store on the couch watching a movie, I was drawing fried eggs and other assorted foods and photocopied them into photoshop and used the paint bucket tool to darken the lines and started uploading the designs to a website and friends from school started buying the tees and from that I eventually started studying Graphic Design, realised I was doing everything wrong. I then got pretty into Instagram and designed my second official range of tees and printed my samples with you guys! I shot a look book with my sister and voila! it all started from there. Now I try bring out a new range every year. :)’

After starting her own t-shirt la…