Corporate Tees: Turn Your Team Into A Cohesive Tribe

Never underestimate the power of the humble tshirt. That little bundle of fabric can transform your team into a unified, cohesive unit. How? Well, it’s actually got a lot to do with how a common appearance creates a sense of pride. Suddenly, it’s physically obvious that you’re all on the same team and BAM! you’re sharing group hugs and high-fives like it’s nobody’s business.

Look at the State of Origin teams – some of those guys play together on the same team at club level, they’re mates. But the minute they don that maroon or blue jersey, all best are well and truly off. That’s how powerful a shared uniform can be – you’re all in it together (literally).

Now when we talk about corporate uniforms, we’re not talking button-up business shirts (obviously, we’re a t-shirt company!). But that’s alright, because you know what? All the coolest kids have tshirts for uniforms – think Apple, Evernote, Google, Foursquare, Halfbrick and Merlo Coffee. So you’re in really, really good, er, company.

Improve Your Social Media Content

If you’re serious about your company’s social media presence, then corporate tshirts are your friend. If all your staff are photographed in the same branded tshirts, you’re social media pics will be visually striking. Not to mention devilishly good looking, amiright?

Keep Your Creatives Creative

Leave your suit and tie at the door. No, it’s not some kind of creepy swingers party, it just means that by giving your employees the option to wear tshirts, as opposed to traditional corporate wear, you’re creating a less rigid environment where employees feel more comfortable. But more importantly, it creates a more creative office vibe and you know what that breeds? Innovation! And who doesn’t love that innovation stuff?

Send a positive message to your team

Man, these tshirts just keep giving - they’re also really handy at breaking down hierarchical barriers (seriously, try saying hierarchical out loud!). Anyway, if everyone, from the top down is swanning around in the company tshirt, you’re all on the same level regardless of your position.

Alright you’ve convinced me…

So, you want to know more about our bulk t shirt printing? Awesome. You can contact us here and we’ll answer all your bulk tshirt printing questions.


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