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How to: Rock a t-shirt in winter

Brrrrring on summer. But in the meantime, here’s some ideas for how to look good and stay warm
wearing the humble tee.

Make accessories your friend Sure, you can wear a t-shirt in winter - just make sure you add some extras, the woolier, the better. Chunky scarves, beanies and knitted cardis all provide maximum warmth with a side of ‘Check me out, I’m killin’ it!’.

The ol’ double shirt routine During winter, a t-shirt and a button up shirt go together like Bey and Jay. Team plaid or chambray with your fave tee for a laid back look. And yes, that’s Kanye – say what you will about his ‘tude, the guy knows how to put together an outfit.

Just add jacket Tailored, leather, denim – take your pick, they all go perfectly with a tee and provide a fashionable barrier against the brrr.

Get yourself a vest Long gone are the days when vests were for pointdexters and science teachers. Now we’ve got fur (the fauxer, the better!) for a super cute casual look, puffer for a sporty, street style and …