Let’s learn from these t-shirt fails

Look, we love t-shirts as much as the next guy but in the wrong hands, even good t-shirts can go bad. So, we’ve compiled a handy list of tips to keep in mind when you design your own shirt.

Don’t forget the spellcheque

Want to put text on your custom shirt? Then for the love of God, check the spelling before you hit ‘print’! Even retail giants H&M and TopShop forgot this top tip – check out their handy work in the last two images below. We’re guessing the intern got blamed.

Consider your message, like really.

Are you an ex-con, current con or seriously considering becoming a con? Then you might want to consider the messaging on your custom shirt. Who knows when you’ll be posing for a mug shot…


Give it the ‘is there a chance I could end up on the internet in this’ test?

And we don’t mean in a good way. We mean on one of those ‘ 25 t-shirt fails’ lists. When you design your own shirt, always remember - what looks good/sounds funny in the safety of your own home could actually be an (awkward) viral sensation. Here’s a few people who missed the memo…


Is it age-appropriate?

How do you know if it’s age appropriate? Ask yourself this: if I turned up to Christmas lunch in this shirt, would my grand kids vomit on the spot? If the answer is yes, you might want to give it a miss. We’re guessing these guys either have the coolest grand kids on the planet, or the most embarrassed.

And that’s it – all the tips and tricks to designing your own tshirt!


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