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Supacolour and Supasub

Supacolour and Supasub

What is supacolour?

Supacolour uses the latest technology to digitally reproduce your logos.  It’s a proprietary technology developed by some crazy cats in New Zealand who have asked us to keep the formula super top secret. What we can tell you, is that it gives us the ability to reproduce your artwork perfectly without a need to compromise on detail or colour.  

What is supasub?

Supasub is another top secret mission we can’t give you too much info on.  We can tell you that Supasub, is the process of dye sublimating your design or logo onto a patch and then stitching this onto the product around the edges.  This option is perfect for those that don’t want to compromise the logo, but would still like the professional finish of embroidery.  Supasub gives fantastic detail, vibrancy and quality but the embroidered edge offers a real point of difference – it really is the best of both worlds!

Perks of supacolour

Unlimited colours
and high vibrancy
and detail
Photo reproduction
High stretchability
and versatility with
100+ washes,
will outlive the product
it’s printed on 

perks of supasub

Detail (finest of text,
perfect gradient)
High resolution
Versatility of
products we can
apply it to 
feel computer to

DOWNERS of supacolour

Minimum order requirement
of 20 units
selection limited to specific range
on print size 

DOWNDERS of supasub

Minimum order requirement
of 20 units
Garment selection
restricted to specific range 
on print size




How long does Supasub and Supacolour last? 
Supacolour is mega durable.  It’s going to still be there even after your garment has given up hope. Supasub is durable but less so then it’s cousin embroidery.  

Do you have a minimum order for Supasub and Supacolour? 
Yes, we require a minimum of 20 units for both of these print processes  If you don’t have 20 units, maybe digital printing is the option for you. Check out our awesome design tool now.  

Can I bring my own garments? 
Sadly no.  As these print processes are a proprietary technology, we have to utilise the range of products made available to us by only one supplier.

How long does Supasub and Supacolour take? 
We can have these bad boys in your hands within 10 days of confirming your order…that is of course unless you live somewhere rural or in WA in which case you should know it takes longer for stuff to get to you.  ;) 

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