Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Graphic Design trends to get those creative juices FLOWIN'

For most, the hardest part of creative design is the idea generation. Once you get past that roadblock, the designs just keep on'a comin!

To make it easier for you, the guys at Creative Market, have come up with a cool infographic showcasing the graphic design trends of 2016.

Did "modern retro" make the cut? Check the above link to find out. Design by Ralph Cifra 

Once that lightbulb in your head is burning bright, head to our DYO competition and get your great ideas onto a tee!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Happy Halloween from The Tshirt Mill

Whilst Halloween isn't our most celebrated day here in Australia, it definitely seems to be getting more traction each year. 

And I'm not talking about kids showing up at our front door asking for lollies, it seems more and more people are throwing Halloween themed parties and the costumes really are something else. 

We're estimating at least 83 people will dress as Eleven from hit Netflix show, Stranger Things 

Driven by Hollywood A listers throwing extravagant parties and putting some serious coin into their costumes and sharing them across Insta, naturally, you and I are now interested in doing the same! 

So, with thanks to Pop Sugar, here's some inspo for you to create some great costumes this year. And, if costumes aren't your cup of tea, design a sweet ass tshirt here

Please, whatever you do, steer clear of scary clown costumes. 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

R.I.P - The vintage band tshirt

Band tees were once a staple item for the cool cats of fashion. Think Dave Grohl rocking the Motorhead tee, or even MTV's Butthead in his iconic ACDC tee.

Band tshirts once represented your love for music. Going to the gig and buying the merch, trawling Ebay for ones you missed out on, or visiting your local record store when they got a fresh batch in.

These days, the fashion giants of H&M, among others, are stocking your old favourite band tees. It seems everyone is rocking band tees, seeing it quickly lose it's appeal amongst the effortlessly cool fashionistas.

Lifestyle website, High Snobiety has written a great piece on it here

Image source: Reddit 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How to: Rock a t-shirt in winter

Brrrrring on summer. But in the meantime, here’s some ideas for how to look good and stay warm
wearing the humble tee.

Make accessories your friend

Sure, you can wear a t-shirt in winter - just make sure you add some extras, the woolier, the better. Chunky scarves, beanies and knitted cardis all provide maximum warmth with a side of ‘Check me out, I’m killin’ it!’.

The ol’ double shirt routine

During winter, a t-shirt and a button up shirt go together like Bey and Jay. Team plaid or chambray with your fave tee for a laid back look. And yes, that’s Kanye – say what you will about his ‘tude, the guy knows how to put together an outfit.

Just add jacket

Tailored, leather, denim – take your pick, they all go perfectly with a tee and provide a fashionable barrier against the brrr.

Get yourself a vest

Long gone are the days when vests were for pointdexters and science teachers. Now we’ve got fur (the fauxer, the better!) for a super cute casual look, puffer for a sporty, street style and tailored when you need to up your game a bit, on the fashion front. All of them go splendidly with, you guessed it, a t-shirt!

Wear a hoodie

Yeah, yeah, technically it’s not ‘rocking a t-shirt’ but it IS the perfect segue to tell you that we actually print on hoodies too. So, if scarves and layers aren’t your jam, then get online and get designing your very own hoodie or sweatshirt with us.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Let’s learn from these t-shirt fails

Look, we love t-shirts as much as the next guy but in the wrong hands, even good t-shirts can go bad. So, we’ve compiled a handy list of tips to keep in mind when you design your own shirt.

Don’t forget the spellcheque

Want to put text on your custom shirt? Then for the love of God, check the spelling before you hit ‘print’! Even retail giants H&M and TopShop forgot this top tip – check out their handy work in the last two images below. We’re guessing the intern got blamed.

Consider your message, like really.

Are you an ex-con, current con or seriously considering becoming a con? Then you might want to consider the messaging on your custom shirt. Who knows when you’ll be posing for a mug shot…


Give it the ‘is there a chance I could end up on the internet in this’ test?

And we don’t mean in a good way. We mean on one of those ‘ 25 t-shirt fails’ lists. When you design your own shirt, always remember - what looks good/sounds funny in the safety of your own home could actually be an (awkward) viral sensation. Here’s a few people who missed the memo…


Is it age-appropriate?

How do you know if it’s age appropriate? Ask yourself this: if I turned up to Christmas lunch in this shirt, would my grand kids vomit on the spot? If the answer is yes, you might want to give it a miss. We’re guessing these guys either have the coolest grand kids on the planet, or the most embarrassed.

And that’s it – all the tips and tricks to designing your own tshirt!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

T-shirts inspired by movies and music

T-shirts go together with music and music like Mork and Mindy. Or Jay and Bey. Or Kanye and, well, Kanye. The point is, film and music have inspired some pretty great t-shirts. Here’s a few of our faves:


Mean Girls

Most things Linday Lohan touches turn to shit. But not Mean Girls. It’s been just over 10 years since it first graced our screens and we’re still quoting the zingers!

Some of us are actually wearing them. Check it out.

Napoleon Dynamite

These shirts started out cool, then eeeevvvveerybody had one so then they got less cool. But we reckon enough time has passed and they’re almost cool again in a quasi-retro hipster ironic way. Look, it’s just a classic shirt, all right?


And just because this is abso-freaking-lutely timeless…


White Men Can’t Jump

Oh Woody – you trailblazing bastard, you! Woody was rockin’ this cult tee way back in 1992, loooooong before celebrity toddlers were (North West, we’re looking at you). In fact, he was mostly responsible for its subsequent explosion into mainstream fashion – if you didn’t own a Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics t-shirt in the mid-nineties, you were probably being beaten up for your lunch money.


Taken from a Beyonce song, ‘I woke up like this’ quickly became the mantra for ladies (and men) keen to stick it to society’s impossibly high beauty standards. They posted pics of themselves, barefaced and ‘just woken up’ to celebrate natural beauty. Naturally, the lyrics made it onto t-shirts, worn mostly by people who have obviously spent 4 hours achieving their ‘just woke up’ face.